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Well, it’s been a few months. Some Q&A is in order.

What was your most favorite song of the summer?
“Rehab,” Amy Winehouse

What was your least favorite song of the summer?
“Rehab (Remix),” Amy Winehouse Featuring Jay-Z

What was your most favorite album of the summer?
New? That box from the Magnolia Electric Co.

There was another one, though, wasn’t there?
Oh, yes, The White Stripes’ Icky Thump. Powerful, funny, crazy rhythms, excellent Robert Plant impersonations, pretty good Jimmy Page impersonations, “Conquest!”

Has The Sandinista Project run its commercial course?
Oh yeah, and it turned out to be a pretty short course. Need a copy?

Who do you miss?
Grace Paley

You’ve been listening to The Band a lot lately.
That’s not a question.

Do you want to talk about the live album?
OK. My great friend Mark gave me his copy of The Band’s Live at Watkins Glen. He’d had it for years, but he had never taken it out of the shrink wrap. I now know why. IT ISN’T A LIVE ALBUM. It’s mostly second-tier studio recordings with crowd noise grafted on. I’d suggest a boycott, but it’s long out of print. How could this have happened?

What movie did you see this summer that stayed with you?
Well, most of the movies I saw this summer had the words “High,” “School,” and “Musical” in ’em. But during an early-summer trip to Sebastopol, right around the time this fair blog went into hiatus, I saw the full miniseries version of Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes From a Marriage. It’s lacerating stuff, shocking in its directness, but it does include the occasional inexplicably funny line like “Getting through Ibsen on nothing but a hot dog was an ordeal.” In moments like that, Ingmar Bergman does Woody Allen just as well as Woody Allen does Ingmar Bergman.

Back to work?
Back to work.

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October 3, 2007 at 1:06 am

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