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Friday morning progress report

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The work week is nearly done. How am I doing?

* get 24 things done at MIT (21 down, 3 to go — but two of the remaining three are big projects)
* dentist’s appointment (done, but all I had to do was show up)
* write drafts of two scenes for the novel (none; looks like this isn’t going to get done)
* organize the office (home) (as good as it’s going to get)
* organize the office (MIT) (done, but it wasn’t a big undertaking)
* exercise five times (four down, one to go)

That’ll be it from me here for today. I’ve got to get (as many of) these things (as possible) done, plus the girls will be home this afternoon. Seeya next week.

Written by guterman

August 15, 2008 at 6:33 am

Posted in housekeeping

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