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Two photos to celebrate Flannery O’Connor’s birthday

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Earlier this month, the family spent several days in Savannah, Georgia. I’d always associated Flannery O’Connor with Milledgeville, Georgia, the town she lived in as an adult. I’d forgotten that she grew up in Savannah and was pleasantly surprised when the proprietor of a used bookstore directed Eli and me to her childhood home. To celebrate her birthday, here are two bad snapshots I took in her home that speak to┬ásomething about her.

Here’s a page from a book she read and wrote in as a child. Her annotation: “not a very good book.” Nicely captures her attitude.


And here’s what she saw outside of her parents’ bedroom window. That she started writing almost in the shadow of a steeple should come as no surprise.



Happy birthday, Mary Flannery!

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March 25, 2014 at 6:44 pm

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