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A Sandinista-flavored blizzard for you

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sandinista-cover-hiresMy Massachusetts friends and colleagues are dealing with the biggest snowstorm since I moved here in 1986. It’s even bigger, the weather historians say, than the famed Blizzard of 78.

In my world, though, The Blizzard of 78 isn’t a storm. It’s the name of a terrific local band that contributed to my Sandinista Project (still in print! still cheap!) many years ago. They contributed a smashing version of the side six stalwart “Silicone on Sapphire,” which I’ve included below as a gift to everyone stuck in tonight because of the snow. Their version includes an unexpected but perfect contributor: dub giant Mikey Dread. Dread, of course, was an essential contributor to the original Sandinista!, producing some tracks, helping write some more, toasting over even more. Abe Bradshaw and I were honored to have him on the record and I’m particularly grateful to the adept Blizzard boys for making it happen. Now listen to this while the snow continues to pile up outside your window …

Written by guterman

February 9, 2015 at 7:42 pm

Posted in music

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